Tryouts for 2021 Diamond Cat Teams
Birthday cutoff is May 1, 2021
Please wear a shirt with a number on the back

8u: August 2nd, 6pm, North Diamonds. Tony Iler, 419-350-2477,

9u: August 13th and 16th, 6pm Diamond 2 Beth Snyder, 419-575-2034,


10u: August 22nd and August 23rd, 2pm, Diamond 1
Tim Meeker, 419-308-6093,


11u: August 13th, 6pm, Diamond 2
Kirk Maxey, 419-308-3863,


12u: August 13th, 5pm-8pm (7pm-8pm for pitchers and catchers only) Diamond 1
Ryan Gerken, 419-494-9208,


13u: August 4th and August 6th, 6pm, Diamond 3
Jeff Archer, 419-409-0411,


14u August 4th and August 6th, 6pm, diamond 4
Cal Bowers, 419-705-2768